We know how important a good review is, especially when it comes to helping you plan one of the most important days of your life. So, here are some testimonials from people who have taken our course.

“We had already decided on a location and were about to book it when we found this course. After looking at the “venue” module we called them and asked some of the questions we never thought of because in our minds it wouldn’t be a problem. Guess what, we found out that some of the things that were important to us would not have been possible!! So, we did not sign the contract and found another venue where we could have a band playing past midnight. This course saved us a lot of money and headaches!!” Sam & Aaron, The Netherlands

“I learned so much stuff about wedding flowers I never knew and that made talking to the florist really easy!” Myrna, UK

“We had no idea where to start and what we wanted – so the first template alone was worth the entire course” Susanne & Wolfgang, Austria

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