A New Year, A New Look, A New Approach

At Plan Your Own Wedding we are dedicated to helping you plan the wedding of your dreams, while creating the best, most informative wedding content we can. Between helpful supplemental information on our course, fun historical facts about weddings, or great ways to pay respect to your cultural heritage in this age of inter-cultural marriages and global expansion, we have always tried to make sure our blogs were fun informative reads. This is why we are going to be offering more varied content and shaking things up a bit in 2019. 

A sneak preview

There will still be the all the useful blog posts and social media hints you have planyourownwedding.org A toast to the new yearcome to expect, and love, from us. There will be plenty of great ideas on how you make one of the most important days of your lives as unique and special as your love. However, we will also be adding ways to stay connected to each other as you are planning your wedding and beyond, how to keep friendships strong during the months leading up to the big day, and insights into wedding superstitions and symbolism. 

We think planning a wedding is about more than just decorations, dresses, and food. We think it is about the joining of two lives, celebrating your love with those nearest and dearest to you both, and creating new spins on old traditions. So, look for lots of new and fun content to help you do just that in the coming year. 

Happy New Year from all of us at Plan Your Own Wedding. Here is to a romantic and informative 2019!