Summer Weddings: A Guide to Guest Comfort.

Summer has always been the most popular time to get married. With the longer days and warmer weather, it means your outdoor wedding can keep going and going. However, rising temperatures can also throw some kinks in your plans. Here are some things to consider in order to make sure you have everyone has a good time and survives the day. 

Throw Some Shade…

over your guests, that is. While sun is great for garden receptions, sunstroke and over heating can really put a damper on things. This is especially true if you have elderly of children attending, as both groups are at a higher risk of overheating. Whether it is a canopy over the tables, a fun lounge decked out with sofas and comfy chairs, or a combo of both having enough spaces for people to get out of the sun and grab a cool drink is a great way to make sure people stay focused on how much fun they are having and not that grandma overheated. 

Quit Bugging Me!

One of the major downsides of summer weddings is the bugs who come along with the venue. While most are harmless, some can be downright dangerous. While some venues have electronic bug zappers, or don’t mind you bringing your own, some have strict rules about that. Thankfully there are plenty of natural and non-toxic ways to keep the bugs away. Citronella candles, for example are a great way to keep mosquitos, flies, and other winged creepies away from guests, while making the whole area smell fresh and clean. 

Drinks are on the House:

And we don’t just mean the alcoholic variety. One of the best ways to make sure everyone stays healthy and cool is to make sure you have plenty of things like water and lemonade on hand for people to drink. Hydration plays a huge part in regulating body temperature and keeping people from overheating. So, by keeping the fluids flowing you will help keep the party going for everyone. 

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