Spring Wedding Menu Choices

As winter fades into spring and days become longer and brighter, menus also become lighter, tasty, and a little less hearty. This opens up a wider variety of foods to offer guests, including all sorts of fresh and colourful veggies, meat and fish which is a little less gamey, and desert and cocktail options which are sure to impress. Plus, you can still mix and match some of your favourite flavours from slightly colder months, especially if you are having an early spring wedding, with a bit of lighter fare to really wow your guest. Let’s take a look at some ways to make your spring wedding menu shine!


This flowering plant, with its unique light and earthy flavour, is a staple of spring dishes. Thanks to its versatility, it can be featured in every course. Used in a soup or salad, it can either be prepared simply or paired with spring herbs such as lemon and tarragon to create a slightly more sophisticated starter. Bacon wrapped asparagus or even just grilled with a little olive oil and it compliments any number of main dishes, especially chicken or lamb. It can even be turned into ice cream, if you want to get really avant guard and showcase your foodie side. 

Meats and Sea Food.

While gamey meats like venison and heavier cuts of beef are great for winter wedding menus, lighter meats and fish are a better way to go in spring. Lamb and chicken, both of which pair amazingly with asparagus, are safe bets to offer meat eating guests, while the pescatarians will get a kick out of crab, which is in season. If your wedding is slightly later in spring, you can also offer guests salmon prepared in a variety of ways. Just be sure if you are going to offer heavy cream sauces for the main course dishes, to leave it on the side as some people are lactose intolerant. 

Cocktails and Mocktails.

While standard offerings like gin and tonics and gimlets generally are the cocktails which come to mind when planning what to serve guests, why not try something a little bolder or slightly more unusual? With a wide variety of fruits and herbs available, you can offer your guests tasty libations such as strawberry, rosemary gin fizzes or a blackberry lavender Champaign cocktail? The best part about most modern cocktails is, by simply substituting sparking water or tonic, how easily they can be made non-alcoholic for the kids and non-drinkers to enjoy. 

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Spring Weddings

While summer still reigns supreme as the wedding season, spring may be gaining on it. With lovely and temperate weather, a wonderful sampling of fresh produce and seafood options, and a rainbow of soft, romantic colours to chose from, it is easy to see why these months, earlier in the year, are becoming a more popular time to tie the knot. So, lets take a quick at why April and May are the perfect time to get married 

The Weather:

Let’s face it, spring weather can be spectacular and far more predictable than summer or winter. While neither too hot or too cold, especially in later spring, planning an outdoor event so much easier in April and May than in say June or July when temperature can soar, making it uncomfortable to really enjoy anything without air conditioning. Sure, you may have to make a contingency plan incase of rain, but a few tents and a patio will do the trick nicely.  

Foodie Dreams:

Even though we will be exploring this topic more in depth later this month, we have to mention how much wider and varied your menu can be during spring. Whether you want to mix and match some of the heavier options from winter with something lighter or just skip the heavy altogether, the amazing flavours available during these months are bound to make your taste buds sing. Add to that, all the fun and fruit cocktails you can offer guests, and it is practically guaranteed your menu will be a huge hit. 

More Bang For Your Buck:

Sure, we could have gone with fashion choices or colour schemes, and we definitely will later in the month. However, we wanted to make sure we touched very briefly on some of the other perks of getting married off season. One of the biggest draws about spring weddings is a wider variety of venues for your budget. With so many people clamouring for any and every available venue during the summer months, many of the popular venues are willing to negotiate on price to make sure they are booked for off seasons months. The same goes for entertainment and caterers too. So, if you have a smaller budget but still want a fancy wedding, having a spring wedding may be a great option. Plus, for any out of town guests, airline prices tend to be far more reasonable during this time of the year. 

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Destination Weddings

The idea of exchanging vows surrounded by old world charm and ambiance can be an exciting thought for many people. With destination weddings gaining in popularity, the idea of a romantic and atmospheric ceremony in Europe is becoming a reality for more and more couples. Usually when people imagine weddings in Europe, France; Italy; and Greece seem to be the first places most people think of. However, when it comes to lovely and romantic locations, Europe is spoiled for choices for gorgeous and unique locations to exchange your vows. Whether you are looking for something tropical and exotic or are more of an old world romantic, there is bound to be a location which is as extraordinary as your love story. 

Straight Out of a Fairy-Tale: 

Most little girls at some point dream of being a princess and getting her very own prince charming. If this still sounds like your dream come true, why not think of getting married in the Czech Republic? Not only does this beautiful county in central Europe have the largest castle in the world, Prague Castle, it also hosts a number of towns which look like as if they just popped straight from the pages of a fairy tale. One of the most magical is Cesky Krumlov. Located in the southern part of the country, this medieval town is the perfect back drop for a love as timeless as yours. 

Mediterranean Passion:

There is something about the heat and passion of the Mediterranean countries. With flavorful food, warm weather, and colorful landscapes, it is easy to see why this region has a reputation for being one of the most beautiful and passionate in the world.  However, instead of opting for a wedding in Italy, why not head to Spain? With a unique blend of European and North African architecture, getting married in Spain will offer an exotic feel to a traditional ceremony. Plus, with Spanish wines garnering more and more attention, which pairs well with their flavourful foods, you can treat your guests to some of the best wine on the market while delighting their tastebuds.

Modern Royals:

Many couples are borrowing ideas for their weddings from the younger generation of the British royal family. So why not take another page from their book and get married in an actual British castle or palace? While the UK has plenty to chose from, Wales boasts the most castles in the world. With over 600 to pick from, and some of the most exquisite countryside views, it wouldn’t be hard to feel like modern day royalty here. Plus, with a naturally poetic accent and a musical quality to the language itself, it will feel like any local officiant is singing your vows to you. What could more romantic and special than that?

With these, and plenty more under the radar choices to pick from, Europe offers a number of destinations to help you and your partner create a one of kind wedding to encapsulate your one of a kind love. So let your imagination run wild. 

Small Gestures to Show You Care.

While in may be the shortest month of the year, February is the month of love and romance, thanks to Valentine’s Day. You can’t go anywhere without seeing pink and red hearts, flowers, and chocolates, reminding you to spoil the person you love on Feb 14th. However, some of the most romantic things you can do to show your partner how important they are to you which won’t break the bank and can be done anytime of the year. 

Make Them Dinner:

Imagine it. You get a text from your spouse telling you about a horrible day they have had or maybe they are just feeling a little down. What better way to cheer them up and make them feel cared for than to have their favourite meal ready and waiting for them when they get home? And if you aren’t the best cook or their favourite meal is a little out of your skill range in the kitchen, even just making dinner is a great way to remove a little stress and let them feel pampered in a small way. You can even up the ante and clean up afterward while they relax on the couch with a glass of wine or a cup of tea. 

Random Love Notes:

Thanks to technology it easier to stay connected throughout the day. Sure, a quick “hey just thinking about you” text can be great, little hand-written notes can be better. So why not add a little note telling them how much you love them in their lunch or write it on the bathroom mirror after you shower. Or maybe you know they have a big presentation at work, slip a quick note telling them “You can do it” or “you’re going to be great!” into their briefcase. It will bring a smile to their face and remind them the most important person in their life believes in them, and that can make all the difference. 

Surprise Picnic:

This one may take a little more planning but can be a fun way to have a little minibreak. Pack up some cheese, crackers, fruit, and other goodies, grab a bottle of your favourite wine, and a big blanket for lounging on and head for a secluded area somewhere outdoors. Or, if the weather isn’t permitting, why not have a picnic in your living room? Just make sure you turn off your phones so you can disconnect from the rest of the world and reconnect with your partner. 

Love Letters: A Throw Back to Romance.

Every so often an article about the most romantic love letters of all time goes viral. It makes people nostalgic for the past when traditional mail was more common, and life seemed a little slower. There is just something about a handwritten missive, declaring your love for the person you wan to spend the rest of your life with. Here are some helpful hints on how to write the perfect love letter for the one you love. 

Use your own voice:

It may be tempting to try to be poetic and flowery. Don’t. Try to write it the way you speak or write things. Not only will it be easier for you to get your thoughts and feelings out, it will also be more authentic when your partner reads it. By writing it in the way you would naturally express yourself means that for years to come, when the letter is lovingly reread, they will be able to hear you. And what could be more romantic than that?

Go Beyond The Physical:

Sure, you could look into their eyes for eternity. Or maybe you think their smile lights up the room. However, also make sure you tell them about how much you adore the fierceness of their spirit or their zany sense of humour or any of the many little quirks of theirs which make them so uniquely loveable. While it is important to make sure your partner feels beautiful and desired, it is equally important to make sure they feel respected and important. 

When You Knew:

There is usually a moment when most people knew for sure they were in love. Why not tell your special someone the moment you knew they were the one for you? Sometimes it a big moment, like when they stepped up and were there when you really needed them. Other times, it is something which would seem so normal to anyone else but made you realize there was no one else in the world for you. Whenever it was, letting them know is a sweet way to tell them how long you have been in love. 

Past, Present, Future:

Make your love letter a road map of your relationship. Start with a sweet memory of when you first started dating or maybe the first time you saw each other then move on to how amazing the life you have created with one another is and finish with some hopes and dreams for the future. This will show not only how treasured the memories you together are, but also that you are excited about what the adventures wait on the horizon for you both. 

The History of Valentine’s Day Cards.

While the origins of Valentine’s Day maybe a little confusing, with several different stories circulating about various men named Valentine being martyred in the early days of Christianity, one thing is for sure, it is now a day when love and romance is celebrated with gifts and tokens being exchanged. One of the most common of these trinkets being cards. So, lets take a look at the history of the Valentine’s Day card and how they became the face of a holiday. 

Their Medieval Origins:

The earliest example of a Valentine Day’s card still around is a love letter written by the Duke of Orleans to his wife in during the 14th century while he was a prisoner in the Tower of London. He wrote her a love poem after he was captured in battle. A few years later, Henry V hired the poet John Lydgate to write his wife, Catherine Valois, a Valentine’s message. Both of these letters are on display in The British Library, for all to see.

Rising In Popularity:

For the next few centuries, Valentine’s missives were exchanged primarily among the upper classes. However, starting in the 17th century, it picked up steam with the middle class, wanting to be fashionable. By the 18th century, it was common for people of all social classes to exchange little love tokens and notes to friends and lovers. It is here that we see the real beginnings of what would become the modern celebration of Valentine’s Day. 

The Victorian Mass Market Cards:

By the middle of the 19th century, Valentine’s Day was here to stay. With the advances in printing technology and cheap postage made exchanging and sending cards much easier. While many were more like the cards we know today, these early massed produced cards could be elaborate works of art, with little inlays and pockets for hiding small tokens of affection or even engagement rings. By the end of the Victorian era these over the top offerings went out of fashion and were replaced by simpler greeting cards, especially as flowery declarations of love were no longer socially fashionable. 

Valentine’s Day Cards In America:

Just like in Britain, Americans began to really start celebrating Valentine’s Day in the 1700’s, mostly sending handwritten letters. However, in the 1840’s a woman named Esther Howland began to sell the first mass produced cards, complete with lace, ribbons, and colourful pictures on them. Today, Howland is known as the “Mother of the Valentine” and set the stage for the cards Americans exchange today. With over 1 billion Valentine’s cards sold each year, it is the second most profitable day for the greeting card industry behind Christmas. 

Beyond The Rose: Some Alternative Wedding Flowers.

One of the most talked about parts of any wedding are the flowers. There are a wide and artistic variety just waiting to grace some blushing bride’s bouquet. While roses are the traditional symbol of love, there are a few others which, despite being fairly common now, have had an extraordinary history and can add an interesting visual flair to any flower arrangement. 

Tulips: Romantic Simplicity.

Even though they are now available all over the world, these delicate and refined flowers were once so prized in Holland they were as used currency. Originally coming from Turkey, the red tulip is seen to be an emblem of perfect love and is used to celebrate the 11th wedding anniversary, with the lovely black velvet center representing the growing love and passion between the married couple. With more than 3000 varieties of tulips to choose from, there is bound to be something to fit every type of bride and theme. From the simplistic tulip most of us think of to something more ornate and refined these lovely spring flowers are sure to be a show stopper. 

Peonies: Victorian Romanticism

Another lovely addition to any flower arrangement is the peony. With a similar look to both roses and several varieties of tulips, these romantic and sweet flowers have a long and interesting history. Once considered a delicacy and used to add a distinct flavor to food, they morphed in a favorite with artists and anyone looking to create a vintage feel to decorating and floral arrangements. Like the tulip, the peony is thought to bring happiness and stability to marriages. While the varieties of these beautiful and dramatic flowers don’t number anywhere near that of the tulips, there are still enough different kinds to have more than enough to choose from and create a signature floral design.

Dahlias: Dramatic Flair

For brides looking to go truly bold, dahlias are dramatic, audacious, and definite statement flowers. Having gained popularity in the 1940’s, thanks the film “The Blue Dahlia”, these large theatrical blossoms add a touch of glamour to even the simple of ceremonies, and is a great way to embrace the sophistication of the golden age of classic Hollywood.

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Anniversary presents: the odd numbers

Anniversaries are important, especially when it comes to married couples. They are markers of the work and love two people put into their marriage and the dedication they have to making sure it works. While many people still celebrate the big ones, 5 10, 25, 50 with predetermined extravagant gifts, what about the smaller ones which seem to slip by unnoticed? Well, lets take a look at some of the traditional, and not so traditional, gifts for milestone years people often overlook.

Lucky Number 7: 

Sure, there may be the seven-year itch, but in many cultures around the world, 7 is an auspicious number. So, it makes sense that the traditional gift for this anniversary is either wool or copper. These two materials bring warmth and comfort, just like the couple should do for each other. So, to bring some of this toasty reassurance to your marriage why not wrap each other up in cozy woolen scarfs as you sip tea or coffee from lovely copper mugs?

Unlucky Number 13: 

On the opposite end of the luck spectrum is the number 13. Often considered to be the unluckiest numbers around, it even has its own phobia, triskaidekaphobia. Don’t let that scare you off celebrating this milestone anniversary with its traditional gift of lace. Meant to represent the beautiful and intricate life you and your partner have created together, this can be a great time to splurge for a lovely lace table runner or, for the slightly more romantic couple, some frilly lingerie. 

23, the mystery number:

Some people believe there is a mystical aspect to the number 23. Whether this is true or not is up to you. However, there is nothing uncertain about how lovely silver-plated gifts are and, lucky for you, silver-plate is the traditional thing to give your beloved long-term spouse. So, for this special anniversary why not get new picture frames for your wedding photos or a lovely commemorative plate with your wedding date engraved in it. 

42, The Meaning of Life, The Universe, and Everything:

Douglas Adams told us the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. We just had to come up with the question. Strangely, this ties into this wedding anniversary perfectly. There is no traditional present. However, in modern times, real estate is becoming increasingly popular to buy. Whether, it is a vacation home or even a fantastic once in a lifetime to your dream spot, this is your chance to go big or go home. 

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Wedding dress colours around the world

In the West, huge white dresses are the standard. These dresses are meant to represent the bride’s innocence and purity. While white dresses are becoming more and more common, they still aren’t the norm in many countries and cultures. Let’s look at some of the most vibrant and colourful wedding dresses from around the world. 


In China, most traditional wedding dresses are red. Believed to be the luckiest colour, bright red dresses are thought to bring love, fertility, success, and honor into the marriage. Gold thread is used to create beautiful and intricate designs in the material to invite prosperity and wealth to the new couple’s life. White is almost never used in China for wedding dresses, as it is associated with death and sadness, definitely not something you want to bring into a marriage.


Much like Chinese wedding dresses, Indian wedding dresses tend to be red. However, there tends to be a bit more variety in the shade. Some brides wear bright red, while others opt for a richer tone, closer to burgundy or maroon. They also tend to take the idea of it being the bride’s day very seriously and make sure all eyes will be on her. The dresses are embellished with gold or silver thread, embroidered into some of the most wonderful and ornate designs, which sparkle and shine. 


Colour reigns supreme in Igbo wedding clothing. Instead of a traditional one-piece dress, brides from this region of Nigeria tend to opt for a blouse and wrap around skirt combination of different, but matching colours. So, expect to see a lot of pink and purple, red and blue, yellow and gold combinations. They also tend to wear beautiful, statement head dresses instead of veils. These can be either made from fabric or coral beads. 


In Ghana, the wedding couple wear matching outfits. These brightly coloured, beautiful Kente ensembles are full of meaningful patterns. Kente is the traditional fabric of Ghana which carries a deep and meaningful significance in the Ghanaian culture. Originally reserved for royalty, it is now used as in many formal ceremonies and as a symbol of pride for their culture and heritage. 

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Something old….

 We have all heard the old rhyme “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” when it comes to things a bride needs on her wedding day to bring luck to her marriage. However, how many of us have thought about the history and meaning behind this old wives’ tale? Let’s take a look at what each line means and ways you can incorporate it all into your wedding wardrobe. 

Something Old:

The first line is all about remembering the ties to the bride and her past. It Our first blog of the year symbolizes the things which made her the woman she has become, which brought her to this special day. There are so many things which can be used for this part of the poem: a family heirloom, a photo of the family sown into the dress, or anything else from her childhood works. 

Something New:

This is of course about the new life the bride is embarking on. It is all about the partnership she will have with her husband and all the ups and downs which go with that. This is probably the easiest part of the rhyme to fit into the day. The most obvious choice is the dress, but it can also be the veil or accessories. 

Something Borrowed:

This object is all about bringing the luck and stability of another marriage into the one about to take place. Usually borrowed from a friend or family member who is happily married with the hope some of that happiness will rub off on the new couple. Choices for this trinket can be anything from earrings or a necklace to the garter. 

Something Blue:

The colour blue has long been associated with faithfulness, love, and honesty. These are all traits which are present in the best marriage. So, it is no surprise this is one of the items included in this little ditty. There are a ton of different ways to make sure you have something blue in your outfit. From shoes, to a blue ribbon holding your bouquet together to your dress, if you are feeling really bold and want to combine two things in one. 

One Last Bit:

Sometimes there is an extra line thrown in for good measure: “and a sixpence in her shoe”. This is to make sure there is wealth, or at least enough money to keep the couple comfortable. While many bridal stores do sell sixpence pieces, placing any silver coin in the shoe will work just as well. 

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