Wedding and Event planning – my beginnings

Many ask me, how did you become a Wedding and Event Planner?

I guess it all started while I studied. I studied Fashion Design and in my second semester the academy put on a Fashion show for the graduate students. They needed someone to volunteer working backstage and it seemed fun to me.

Now – organising backstage of a fashion show is much more challenging then you might think. The first time i was only”in charge of four models. And although you are not in charge of hair and make-up you are responsible for everything else. Every model has several outfits, so not only you have to hang the clothes in the right order (meaning the order that they show it on the catwalk) but also all the accessories (earrings, tights, neglects, shoes etc. etc etc) with them, make sure they get dressed in time (30-45 seconds sometimes) see to it all the zippers are up, any fallen off buttons sown back on, tape dresses tighter if needed and so on. And not for with one model but four. Really, really stressful – but I loved every second of it!

So much that after the show two of the models I was in charge of asked me if I had done this before. And as I declined they said I was really good at it and if i wanted them to pass on my name to their agencies because they were always looking for backstage crew.

And so I subsidised my student days by organising fashion shows backstage, not the being ones, but local high-end boutiques and department stores, fashion fairs and exhibitions. Starting being responsible for some models to being in charge of it all.

And organising complex events has stuck with me since.

Looking forward hearing from you,

Beatrice Betley