Summer Menus Ideas!

Summer weddings are popular for many reasons: warmer weather, longer days, vacation days to use for your honeymoon. However, one of the less obvious reasons is the amount of produce and tasty treats available to serve your guests. If fact, with so many possibilities on what to serve, it can be a little overwhelming. Here are some helpful hints on how to plan the perfect summer wedding menu to leave guest wanting more. 

Salads Abound.

Gone are the days of a few scraps of iceberg lettuce and tomato slices. Whether you are offering elegant caprese salads with heirloom tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella or a light and refreshing fruit salad packed full of tangy and sweet berries, make sure you have a few different options for everyone. And if you do go the leafy green route, be sure to keep the dressing light and refreshing. Why not try a delicate raspberry vinaigrette to keep guests from feeling too weighed down with heavy creamy dressings. 

Raw Bar:

Raw bars offer a great way to offer a variety of sea food and other delicacies to help keep guests cool on warm days. Decked out with everything from crab legs, to oysters, to jumbo shrimp, raw bars can help rev up people’s appetites without ruining dinner. Just make sure you also have some other meats and veggies in case of allergies and other dietary restrictions. And if a raw bar isn’t your thing, load up large martini glasses with shaved ice and goodies. 

The Main Attraction:

What would a summer party without a little barbeque? So, instead of having a fancy sit down dinner, try serving up tangy chicken and smoked briquet. On top of being a staple of the season, both are easy to do in large quantities, if you are having a big wedding, and will be a great way to break from traditional wedding fare. Don’t forget the stuffed peppers and grilled portabello mushrooms for the non-meat eaters. 

Just Deserts:

Having a separate desert course is becoming increasing trendy at weddings. Not everyone is a fan of cake, so it is important to have something sweet to offer guests as a post meal treat. Having an ice cream station with a variety of fruits and berries, plus tons of sprinkles and sauces, is a fantastic desert for warm summer days. Plus, it gives guests the choice to only have fruit if they want. 

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