Summer Weddings: What to Wear.

Like winter weddings, summer weddings can be tricky to dress for because of the weather. You need to make sure you are cool and comfortable, so you don’t overheat. Thankfully, there are plenty of lovely airy materials for you to choose from. Here are some of our favourite bridal fabrics for outdoor, summer weddings.  

Go with The Flow in Chiffon:

This light and airy material is perfect for summer weddings. Since it is so lightweight it is helps to wick moisture away from the skin, perfect for those hot summer days. Originally made from silk, which itself is the ideal fabric for days when the temperature spikes, chiffon can also be made from cotton. Plus, since it is such a delicate textile, it is easy to dye and wash. This gives non-traditional brides the chance to play which colours the way they might not be able to with other material choices. 

Embrace Your Inner Ballerina with Tulle:

This netted fabric is what tutus are made from, so it goes without saying it is lightweight. Plus, since has a slightly open weave, it means air can easily pass through, making it incredibly breathable. While it is usually worn under the ball gowns to give it a little volume, it can be placed over other fabric to give the illusion of sheer lace. So, paired with chiffon from above you can evoke the image of a prima ballerina dancing into her new life. 

Shine on You Crazy Diamond with Organza.

While it isn’t exactly shiny, Organza, another great choice for summer wedding dresses, does have a slight seen to it. I can also be used to create tons of volume in skirts. While it seems very sheer, it is easy to layer for brides who want a nice full ballgown dress. Plus, despite how delicate it looks, it is actually quite a strong fabric. This means it is able to stand up to dancing all night at your reception. 

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