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For the last year or so we have been tirelessly researching and writing about how to plan the wedding of your dreams. We have covered everything from the history of the wedding dress, to how to pair wine and food, to a variety of seasonal treats to make sure you have all the best and most up to date information on wedding planning. We wanted to create a one stop shop when it comes to making sure one of the most important days in your life runs as smoothly as possible. 

Now we want to take the summer to look into more topics, more helpful hints, more ideas to make sure we stay up to date with what is big and new in the wedding industry, and all those small details you may not know to think of. This is all part of our dedication to bringing you the best, most relevant hints and insider tricks from finding the perfect flowers, to bridesmaids’ fashion, to how to set the perfect table. Because we know no one wants to be sweating the small stuff on their big day. 

In the meantime, we will be republishing some of our favourite blogs, publishing an ebook for potential professional wedding planners, and posting on social media some of our most useful advice. So, be sure you check back regularly. We will also of course let you all know when we are back with new and interesting content. 

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Have a great summer and we will see you when we get back!

Food And Wine: The Second Most Important Couple at Your Wedding.

How to pick the perfect wines to go with your carefully chosen menu. 

Next to the beauty of the ceremony and how gorgeous the bride looked, the thing most people will remember and talk about at any wedding is the food and wine. It is really one of the highlights of the reception and most people feel a ton of pressure to get it right when planning their wedding. Although it may seem intimidating at first, it is quite simple. 

 It is more than likely you have heard the saying, “red meat, red wine. White meat, white wine”. While that is a good rule of thumb, it turns out it isn’t exactly right. There are certain bold whites which work well with red meat and sweeter reds which make chicken dishes shines. It turns out there are six basic flavours to know about when it comes to wine and what to pair them with. They are fats, acid, bitter, sweet, salt, and alcohol. Each adds its own special je ne sais qua to any meal. So, let’s take a look at which pairings work best together and which to avoid. 

Bitter and fats:

If you are serving a super fatty dish like steak or, say, a lamb stew, a nice, deep Malbec would pair perfectly with it. Not only does the fat from the food cut the bitterness of the wine a little, the wine will balance the fat of the dish out, so you experience some of the subtler flavours from both. 

However, stay away from pairing bitter wine with bitter foods. Anything flavoured with citrus will do nothing for the wine. Better go with a slightly sweeter wine or something acidic. 


Speaking of acid, acid pairs well with acid. If you have your heart set on your favourite vinaigrette dressing for the salad, best to pair it with what people in the know refer to as a crisp white wine. The acidity in each seems to help balance each other out, creating an enjoyable tartness. 

Acid also works well with high fatty dishes, for a lot of the reasons bitter and fats work well together. 

Sweet and Salty:

Yes, we are putting these two together, because who doesn’t love the complex palate of sweet and salty. It is what makes sea salt caramel so tasty or why chocolate covered peanuts are still such a hit. They just seem to bring out the best in each other. So, if you are having a cheese course, why not think about offering nice desert wine? Yum. 

And of course, sweet and sweet work well on every level. So, when the cake comes out, make sure you have a tasty dessert wine on hand. 


You are probably thinking to yourself, “but wait, doesn’t all wine have alcohol in it?” and while that is very true, some contain more than others. Wines with higher alcohol contents are great for fatty meals you want people to slow down and really enjoy. So, if you are serving fillet mignon, think about pairing with something upward of 15% alcohol content. The tartness of the alcohol will highlight the cut of meat while encouraging people to take their time and taking pleasure in the food. 

One Last Thing:

Don’t forget to take the “weight” of the wine into account too. Full bodied wines tend not to pair well with light food and vice versa. So, pairing a full-bodied red with a veggie quiche just isn’t going to work just like a super light desert white wine isn’t going to work with pepper steak. 

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Summer Menus Ideas!

Summer weddings are popular for many reasons: warmer weather, longer days, vacation days to use for your honeymoon. However, one of the less obvious reasons is the amount of produce and tasty treats available to serve your guests. If fact, with so many possibilities on what to serve, it can be a little overwhelming. Here are some helpful hints on how to plan the perfect summer wedding menu to leave guest wanting more. 

Salads Abound.

Gone are the days of a few scraps of iceberg lettuce and tomato slices. Whether you are offering elegant caprese salads with heirloom tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella or a light and refreshing fruit salad packed full of tangy and sweet berries, make sure you have a few different options for everyone. And if you do go the leafy green route, be sure to keep the dressing light and refreshing. Why not try a delicate raspberry vinaigrette to keep guests from feeling too weighed down with heavy creamy dressings. 

Raw Bar:

Raw bars offer a great way to offer a variety of sea food and other delicacies to help keep guests cool on warm days. Decked out with everything from crab legs, to oysters, to jumbo shrimp, raw bars can help rev up people’s appetites without ruining dinner. Just make sure you also have some other meats and veggies in case of allergies and other dietary restrictions. And if a raw bar isn’t your thing, load up large martini glasses with shaved ice and goodies. 

The Main Attraction:

What would a summer party without a little barbeque? So, instead of having a fancy sit down dinner, try serving up tangy chicken and smoked briquet. On top of being a staple of the season, both are easy to do in large quantities, if you are having a big wedding, and will be a great way to break from traditional wedding fare. Don’t forget the stuffed peppers and grilled portabello mushrooms for the non-meat eaters. 

Just Deserts:

Having a separate desert course is becoming increasing trendy at weddings. Not everyone is a fan of cake, so it is important to have something sweet to offer guests as a post meal treat. Having an ice cream station with a variety of fruits and berries, plus tons of sprinkles and sauces, is a fantastic desert for warm summer days. Plus, it gives guests the choice to only have fruit if they want. 

For more helpful hints like this, why not head over to our DIY wedding planning site to see how our course can help you plan the wedding you’ve always wanted.

Summer Weddings: What to Wear.

Like winter weddings, summer weddings can be tricky to dress for because of the weather. You need to make sure you are cool and comfortable, so you don’t overheat. Thankfully, there are plenty of lovely airy materials for you to choose from. Here are some of our favourite bridal fabrics for outdoor, summer weddings.  

Go with The Flow in Chiffon:

This light and airy material is perfect for summer weddings. Since it is so lightweight it is helps to wick moisture away from the skin, perfect for those hot summer days. Originally made from silk, which itself is the ideal fabric for days when the temperature spikes, chiffon can also be made from cotton. Plus, since it is such a delicate textile, it is easy to dye and wash. This gives non-traditional brides the chance to play which colours the way they might not be able to with other material choices. 

Embrace Your Inner Ballerina with Tulle:

This netted fabric is what tutus are made from, so it goes without saying it is lightweight. Plus, since has a slightly open weave, it means air can easily pass through, making it incredibly breathable. While it is usually worn under the ball gowns to give it a little volume, it can be placed over other fabric to give the illusion of sheer lace. So, paired with chiffon from above you can evoke the image of a prima ballerina dancing into her new life. 

Shine on You Crazy Diamond with Organza.

While it isn’t exactly shiny, Organza, another great choice for summer wedding dresses, does have a slight seen to it. I can also be used to create tons of volume in skirts. While it seems very sheer, it is easy to layer for brides who want a nice full ballgown dress. Plus, despite how delicate it looks, it is actually quite a strong fabric. This means it is able to stand up to dancing all night at your reception. 

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