Not Your Typical Stag Do!

Last week we took a look at ways brides and her ladies can hen it up without the traditional bar crawl. Well, now it is the gentleman’s turn. Gone are the weekends of drunken trips to far off cities with the goal of misbehaving one last time. Now, it is all about making sure to get one last weekend with your closest guy friends before married life takes over and your priorities shift. Here are some of our favourite ideas for non-traditional stag dos. 

Playing Pirate:

Embrace your inner child’s desire to be a pirate by taking to the water for a weekend. You can rent a boat and sail it yourself for a bit of a challenge. However, there are plenty of river and smaller ocean cruises if you just want to relax, play some cards, and enjoy the company. Either way, it will be a weekend to remember. 

A Sports Weekend:

Picture it: a group of your closest friends, your favourite team, and a chance to watch them stomp a rival team! There are even tour companies which specialize in sports weekends. So, for one flat fee you can get accommodation, a stadium tour, and tickets to see your team play. What could be better for a sports fanatic? Not much.

Beer/Whiskey/Tequila Tasting:

Maybe you and your friends consider yourselves experts on a specific type of alcohol. Why not turn that knowledge into a great weekend, tasting your favourite kind of booze? Or maybe you have always wanted to learn more about a drink you like? Use this as an excuse to finally getting around to doing just that and then use what you learned to impress the guests at your wedding. 

Remember, no matter what you end up choosing, remember to have fun. That’s the point. 

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