Wedding Makeup dos and don’ts, plus a few other tips:

Some of the best wedding makeup advice we have ever heard is: remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint. And even though when you look back it may feel like your day was over in a flash, it actually lasted for hours, busy and jam-packed hours. So here are some great tips to make sure your makeup stays photo ready all day long. 

Don’t Forget To Plan:

There are few things you are going to want to take into account as you are planning your wedding look: what season you are getting married in, the time of day, and how long the festivities are going to last. Just like for your everyday look, the makeup you choose is going to be different if you are getting married in May than if you have planned a November wedding. Same thing goes for if it is a daytime event or a nighttime one or if it goes from day to night. Also, make sure the look you have planned is really similar to what you would normally wear. Now isn’t the time to experiment or go full glam if that isn’t your thing. Natural looks are a far better option, as they will look timeless and classic in photos. 

It’s All About The Prep: 

Think of your skin like a canvass. You are going to want to make sure you have the best there is. Ideally, getting regular facials leading up to the wedding is the best way to prep your skin, but that often isn’t an option. However, by drinking lots of water and following a good skin care regiment or gently cleansers, moisturizes for your skin type, and plenty of SPF, your skin should be in great shape. 

The Trial Run: 

A few weeks before the big day, you should do a trial run, or two, of your makeup. This is to make sure you have the look you want nailed down and that any products you use don’t cause irritation while you are wearing them. This will also give you a good idea how the makeup will last through the day.

A Couple More Dos: 

You are bound to cry at some point during the day, so make sure you eye makeup, especially your mascara, is waterproof. Also, don’t forget the setting spray.
Keep a small bag with the foundation and lip product you are wearing easily accessible for quick touchups throughout the day.
Be sure you choose a lipstick which is long lasting and comfortable on your lips. 

STEN DOS: The New Pre-Wedding Good Time!

More and more couples are opting out of the traditional hen and stag dos for a big joint party. Not only is it a money saving option, it is a great way for your friends to get to know each other, and for you to spend time with everyone before the big day. So, here is a list of some of our favourite ideas for a great Sten do. 

Put Your Problem-Solving Skills to Good Use.

Marriage is all about working together to solve all sorts of problems. So, why not see if you and your mates are up to the task and try to beat the best record at your local puzzle room. With an hour to solve a series of problems, it can be a fun way to start the evening. Plus, if even you don’t manage to break any records, you can head out to celebrate making it out alive. 

Geek Out with Your Favourite Film Franchise:

Whether you have seen all 22 MCU movies, could recite LotR from memory, or proudly display your Hogwarts house every chance you get, everyone has a favourite film franchise they love. So, rent one of those fancy projectors, themed snacks and drinks, and all the comfy chairs you can find. It will be a fun weekend of fandom. 

Relax at a Spa Together:

Spa weekends aren’t just for the girls anymore. With more and more establishments offering services specifically for the fellas, this can be a great way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and the craziness of wedding planning. Plus, most also have world class food and wine available too. Perfection. 

No matter what you chose to do, remember it is all about spending time with your dearest friends and family before the big day. Have fun!

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Not Your Typical Stag Do!

Last week we took a look at ways brides and her ladies can hen it up without the traditional bar crawl. Well, now it is the gentleman’s turn. Gone are the weekends of drunken trips to far off cities with the goal of misbehaving one last time. Now, it is all about making sure to get one last weekend with your closest guy friends before married life takes over and your priorities shift. Here are some of our favourite ideas for non-traditional stag dos. 

Playing Pirate:

Embrace your inner child’s desire to be a pirate by taking to the water for a weekend. You can rent a boat and sail it yourself for a bit of a challenge. However, there are plenty of river and smaller ocean cruises if you just want to relax, play some cards, and enjoy the company. Either way, it will be a weekend to remember. 

A Sports Weekend:

Picture it: a group of your closest friends, your favourite team, and a chance to watch them stomp a rival team! There are even tour companies which specialize in sports weekends. So, for one flat fee you can get accommodation, a stadium tour, and tickets to see your team play. What could be better for a sports fanatic? Not much.

Beer/Whiskey/Tequila Tasting:

Maybe you and your friends consider yourselves experts on a specific type of alcohol. Why not turn that knowledge into a great weekend, tasting your favourite kind of booze? Or maybe you have always wanted to learn more about a drink you like? Use this as an excuse to finally getting around to doing just that and then use what you learned to impress the guests at your wedding. 

Remember, no matter what you end up choosing, remember to have fun. That’s the point. 

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