A wedding Destination your might never have considered: The Netherlands

Amsterdam is regularly listed as one of the most romantic cities in Europe. With its overabundance of canals for taking in the picturesque cityscapes while gazing adoringly into your partner’s eyes, it is easy to see why so many people choose the cultural capital of the Netherlands as not just a place to spend a quiet and romantic honeymoon, but also as a prime location for destination weddings. With a multitude of venues, ranging from gorgeous cathedrals to ultra-hip, state of the art buildings, there is bound to be something for everyone .


If you and your partner lean toward a more traditional wedding, The Basilica of St. Nicholas is a perfect choice. Situated in the one of the oldest parts of the city, this beautiful Baroque masterpiece offers an amazing setting to exchange your vows. What makes this breathtaking church especially appealing to expats and those coming for a destination wedding is that the church offers services in both English and Spanish, allowing for a more conventional ceremony while still managing to be uniquely you. 


If you and your partner are something of a more modern couple, The EYE Film institute could be just what you are looking for. Overlooking the Ij harbor, with an ultra-hip and sleek design, the EYE offers an elegant and contemporary space. While its main function is as a film house and exhibition center for film posters and art, there is a top-notch restaurant and catering facility located within the building and they offer a variety of spaces to rent for all kinds of event. 


For those couples who are looking for ways to celebrate their marriage with something a little more distinctly European and maybe a little off the beaten track, there are plenty of choices around The Netherlands. Perhaps exchanging your vows in a beautiful castle is what you have always wanted. Then the province of Utrecht, located an easy 30-minute train trip south of Amsterdam, is perfect. Maybe you dream of ancient cities with incredible ruins. Maastricht, the oldest city in the Netherlands, fits the bill. Maybe you have always wanted a grand outdoor wedding in a garden surrounded by a million and one tulips? The palace of Keukenhof, famous for its tulip fields and luxurious gardens is the ideal place to say “I do”.

No matter what your wedding dreams consist of, The Netherlands will have something to fit the bill. With a wonderfully varied selection of venues and locals to celebrate one of the most important days of your life, there is bound to be that perfect place and Larossa can make the wedding of your dreams come to life. With a highly skilled international staff with plenty of experience, they are here to ensure your dreams are only the beginning. 

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