Unique venues

Not every couple who doesn’t fit into the non-traditional wedding venue is outdoorsy or boat people. Some of them are Disney fans, others are scream queens, while others are vintage film experts. So, lets take a look at some non-traditional venues for couples who want to highlight their more unique interests. 

When You Wish Upon A Star:

It is well known how seriously Disney takes creating magic at all of their parks, resorts, and cruise ships. So, it is no surprise they have wonderful wedding packages too. With a variety of price points, starting at 3500$ for a small intimate wedding, couples can embrace their inner princess and prince charming. Every package includes location, officiants, photographers, day of coordinator, and flowers. So, it takes a lot of the stress of wedding planning off the couple. Plus, as an added bonus, there are discounts for accommodation or parks with every package! That is a wish come true. 

Ready For Your Closeup:

Maybe instead of a fairytale romance, you and your partner have one of those great silver screen kind of loves. If that is case, why not think about exchanging your vows in an art house movie theater? With built in seating, a stage for you to say your “I do”s, and many coming with a license to sell at least beer and wine, for couples who like things to be easy and streamlined, this can be a great way to go, as it means less permits and vendors you have to deal with. Plus, if the theater was built in the golden age of cinema, you have a ready-made theme: A love story for the ages, classic movie style. 


There was a study which showed going to a horror film on an early date is the best way to get a kiss good night. So, imagine what getting married in a hotel which inspired one of the most famous ghost stories would do for a marriage? Well, for fans of Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick, The Stanley Hotel, also known as the Overlook, can be rented for weddings. So, make sure you keep a few seats open for spare ghosts… we mean guests. 

We have a course on how to plan your dream wedding, just like a wedding planner would. It is packed full of useful information to make sure your special day is as magical as your love. 

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