Unique Hen Party Ideas

When you talk about hen or bachelorette parties, most people think of a large group of women in sashes and tiaras wandering from bar to bar drinking heavily. And while this may sound like a load of fun to some, it isn’t for everyone. So, let’s take a look at some great alternatives for that one last hurrah for you and your closest friends before your wedding. 

Make Your Pub Crawl Something More:

If you and your best gal pals have your heart set on one more night of drunken fun, why not turn it into a game? As each guest arrives hand each one a list of tasks, photos, or situations they need to gather before the night is over.  The winner then either gets a special door prize or just the chance to gloat about their mad scavenging skills over the rest of the party. 

Learn A New Skill:

Is the bride to be a foodie? Does she love to take photos? Maybe she had dreams of becoming a master mixologist when she was in college. Whatever the bride’s secret, or not so secret, passion is, there is bound to be a class in your area. Afterwards, you can put your knowledge to the test and have a dinner party where each guest brings a version of something they learned. It can be a great way to bond while learning something new. 

Murder Mystery Fun:

For the literary or theatre loving brides and her best ladies, why not put your heads together and solve a murder mystery? Choose a theme and let your imaginations run wild as you try to get to the bottom of this who done it! For an extra bit of fun, why not make it a costumed affair? Let the bride pick her favourite time period and give out special prizes for the best costumes. Then maybe hit up your regular bar for some post murder libations. 

No matter what you choose to do, make sure you have fun and remember, it is the bride’s night, so make it all about her and giving her a night, or weekend, she will remember for the rest of her life. 

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A wedding Destination your might never have considered: The Netherlands

Amsterdam is regularly listed as one of the most romantic cities in Europe. With its overabundance of canals for taking in the picturesque cityscapes while gazing adoringly into your partner’s eyes, it is easy to see why so many people choose the cultural capital of the Netherlands as not just a place to spend a quiet and romantic honeymoon, but also as a prime location for destination weddings. With a multitude of venues, ranging from gorgeous cathedrals to ultra-hip, state of the art buildings, there is bound to be something for everyone .


If you and your partner lean toward a more traditional wedding, The Basilica of St. Nicholas is a perfect choice. Situated in the one of the oldest parts of the city, this beautiful Baroque masterpiece offers an amazing setting to exchange your vows. What makes this breathtaking church especially appealing to expats and those coming for a destination wedding is that the church offers services in both English and Spanish, allowing for a more conventional ceremony while still managing to be uniquely you. 


If you and your partner are something of a more modern couple, The EYE Film institute could be just what you are looking for. Overlooking the Ij harbor, with an ultra-hip and sleek design, the EYE offers an elegant and contemporary space. While its main function is as a film house and exhibition center for film posters and art, there is a top-notch restaurant and catering facility located within the building and they offer a variety of spaces to rent for all kinds of event. 


For those couples who are looking for ways to celebrate their marriage with something a little more distinctly European and maybe a little off the beaten track, there are plenty of choices around The Netherlands. Perhaps exchanging your vows in a beautiful castle is what you have always wanted. Then the province of Utrecht, located an easy 30-minute train trip south of Amsterdam, is perfect. Maybe you dream of ancient cities with incredible ruins. Maastricht, the oldest city in the Netherlands, fits the bill. Maybe you have always wanted a grand outdoor wedding in a garden surrounded by a million and one tulips? The palace of Keukenhof, famous for its tulip fields and luxurious gardens is the ideal place to say “I do”.

No matter what your wedding dreams consist of, The Netherlands will have something to fit the bill. With a wonderfully varied selection of venues and locals to celebrate one of the most important days of your life, there is bound to be that perfect place and Larossa can make the wedding of your dreams come to life. With a highly skilled international staff with plenty of experience, they are here to ensure your dreams are only the beginning. 

Unique venues

Not every couple who doesn’t fit into the non-traditional wedding venue is outdoorsy or boat people. Some of them are Disney fans, others are scream queens, while others are vintage film experts. So, lets take a look at some non-traditional venues for couples who want to highlight their more unique interests. 

When You Wish Upon A Star:

It is well known how seriously Disney takes creating magic at all of their parks, resorts, and cruise ships. So, it is no surprise they have wonderful wedding packages too. With a variety of price points, starting at 3500$ for a small intimate wedding, couples can embrace their inner princess and prince charming. Every package includes location, officiants, photographers, day of coordinator, and flowers. So, it takes a lot of the stress of wedding planning off the couple. Plus, as an added bonus, there are discounts for accommodation or parks with every package! That is a wish come true. 

Ready For Your Closeup:

Maybe instead of a fairytale romance, you and your partner have one of those great silver screen kind of loves. If that is case, why not think about exchanging your vows in an art house movie theater? With built in seating, a stage for you to say your “I do”s, and many coming with a license to sell at least beer and wine, for couples who like things to be easy and streamlined, this can be a great way to go, as it means less permits and vendors you have to deal with. Plus, if the theater was built in the golden age of cinema, you have a ready-made theme: A love story for the ages, classic movie style. 


There was a study which showed going to a horror film on an early date is the best way to get a kiss good night. So, imagine what getting married in a hotel which inspired one of the most famous ghost stories would do for a marriage? Well, for fans of Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick, The Stanley Hotel, also known as the Overlook, can be rented for weddings. So, make sure you keep a few seats open for spare ghosts… we mean guests. 

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Getting Married in The Great Outdoors. 

Imagine it: a gorgeous, lush landscape, a small gathering of guests, and you and your partner exchanging vows under a canopy of bright green leaves. Sounds amazing, right? Well, thankfully it doesn’t have to just be fantasy. Many national parks and outdoor public lands around the world allow people to have their wedding there. Getting married on public land give nature lovers the chance to exchange their vows in a place which they hold near and dear to their hearts. Let’s take a look at some of the perks of getting married out in nature. 

The Permit Costs:

One of the most enticing aspects of using public lands for your wedding is how little the permits costs. For example, in the US, it is only about 200$ to reserve your spot. In the UK, getting married on public land is free, but you will need to double check on if there are fees for any extras like using speakers or temporary event notices. So, for couples who are trying to keep costs down, getting married on public land maybe a great way to have an amazing venue at a fraction of the price. Plus, most of the money these spaces and parks take for wedding fees goes into keeping these wonderful spaces running. So, really, by choosing this route, you are giving back. Nice!

Saving on Decorations:

In much the same way getting married on a boat can help keep decorating costs down, so can getting married in public spaces. Mother Nature is a great decorator and by using what is on hand, you can have some spectacular and memorable decorations. Just remember, if you are going to bring in extra decorations, be sure to take them with you. Most public spaces have a “Leave No Trace” policy, so, if you bring it in with you, make sure it goes out with you. This is to ensure people can continue to get married in these public spaces for years to come. 

Odds and Ends:

As with any wedding there are always a ton of odds and ends which need to be taken care of.  While some, like making sure your guests are able to get to and from the event easily may be one of the first things which comes to mind, making sure there are enough bathrooms available is another story. So, remember to add in the cost of renting and removing toilets if need be. It may not be glamorous, but it is important. 

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Weddings Ahoy: Why You Should Consider Getting Married On A Boat

There is something inherently romantic about boats. Maybe it is the gentle rocking or being out in open water with all the potential that represents or all of the love stories revolving around boats that fuels this belief.  Plus, and let’s admit it, naval officers do look pretty swoon worthy in dress uniforms. So, it would make sense couples who are looking for a slightly different, but still classic, location for their wedding, would think of getting married on a boat. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to exchange your vows on the open water. 

Smaller Intimate Setting:

If keeping your guest list nice and trim is important for you, getting married on a boat is a great way to make sure you don’t go overboard, excuse the pun, on invites. Since space is limited, you can easily explain to your third cousin who you met once when you were kids on why it is only going to be nearest and dearest attending. Plus, it is a great way for those in attendance to get to know each other, if they haven’t met before, and for families to get better acquainted. 

Gorgeous Views:

Whether you live in a city with a great skyline or a more rural area, the view from a boat is going to be hard to beat. With the water mirroring either the perfect natural back drop or a fantastic urban sprawl, you can save on decoration costs. And you don’t have to worry about if it will be up in time, so it is one less thing to have to worry about. 

It Is Can Be Super Cost Effective: 

Many boats have great deals on weddings, and since everything is happening in the same place, you don’t have to spend extra on fancy transport to and from the reception venue. Add to that the money you will save on only having to print one set of directions per invitation. So, if money is a concern but you still want to have a wedding to talk about, why not look into a nautical wedding?

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