Spring Clothing

As the world wakes up with Spring, it is a perfect chance to lighten up your wedding clothes, both figuratively and literally. While winter weddings seem to be all about deep, dark colours and heavy fabrics to help keep people warm, Springtime offers the chance to brighten and lighten up everything from fabric choices to colour palettes. So, let’s take a look at all the ways this lighter, brighter season can inspire your wardrobe.

Shedding Those Heavy Dresses!

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: one of the best things about spring is the warmer temperatures. So, you can start to ditch the heavy satins and velvets you needed in those colder months to keep warm. Don’t get us wrong, winter wedding dresses can be gorgeous and sumptuous, but they aren’t for everyone. Instead, start to look for chiffons and lightweight silks. And if you are afraid of getting chilly, why not borrow the idea of a shrug or wrap from the winter looks, just make sure to keep it in the same fabric family. 

Bye-Bye Wool. Hello Linen.

As you are starting to shed your winter clothes, don’t forget about the grooms. Sure, lightweight wool can be a great all year option, it is exceptionally breathable and comfy. However, opting for something which is a little more in tune with the season is your best bet. So, why not start looking at soft flannel suits or slightly heavier linens for their outfits? These lighter fabrics are perfect for the warmer weather and can be quite stylish without looking dated. 

Less Formal, More Fun:

Winter weddings tend to be a slightly more formal affair. Whether is it because of the heavier and more regal fabrics, or that it just seems ideal for at least cocktail attire being required, who knows? However, spring and its breezier fabric choices seems to help lighten the mood of any wedding. So, with bridesmaids, groomsmen, and guests, keeping the dress code a little less formal, like say garden party chic, the entire mood of the wedding gets a little less formal too. It can really help everyone relax and enjoy the party. 

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