Spring Wedding Menu Choices

As winter fades into spring and days become longer and brighter, menus also become lighter, tasty, and a little less hearty. This opens up a wider variety of foods to offer guests, including all sorts of fresh and colourful veggies, meat and fish which is a little less gamey, and desert and cocktail options which are sure to impress. Plus, you can still mix and match some of your favourite flavours from slightly colder months, especially if you are having an early spring wedding, with a bit of lighter fare to really wow your guest. Let’s take a look at some ways to make your spring wedding menu shine!


This flowering plant, with its unique light and earthy flavour, is a staple of spring dishes. Thanks to its versatility, it can be featured in every course. Used in a soup or salad, it can either be prepared simply or paired with spring herbs such as lemon and tarragon to create a slightly more sophisticated starter. Bacon wrapped asparagus or even just grilled with a little olive oil and it compliments any number of main dishes, especially chicken or lamb. It can even be turned into ice cream, if you want to get really avant guard and showcase your foodie side. 

Meats and Sea Food.

While gamey meats like venison and heavier cuts of beef are great for winter wedding menus, lighter meats and fish are a better way to go in spring. Lamb and chicken, both of which pair amazingly with asparagus, are safe bets to offer meat eating guests, while the pescatarians will get a kick out of crab, which is in season. If your wedding is slightly later in spring, you can also offer guests salmon prepared in a variety of ways. Just be sure if you are going to offer heavy cream sauces for the main course dishes, to leave it on the side as some people are lactose intolerant. 

Cocktails and Mocktails.

While standard offerings like gin and tonics and gimlets generally are the cocktails which come to mind when planning what to serve guests, why not try something a little bolder or slightly more unusual? With a wide variety of fruits and herbs available, you can offer your guests tasty libations such as strawberry, rosemary gin fizzes or a blackberry lavender Champaign cocktail? The best part about most modern cocktails is, by simply substituting sparking water or tonic, how easily they can be made non-alcoholic for the kids and non-drinkers to enjoy. 

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