Spring Weddings

While summer still reigns supreme as the wedding season, spring may be gaining on it. With lovely and temperate weather, a wonderful sampling of fresh produce and seafood options, and a rainbow of soft, romantic colours to chose from, it is easy to see why these months, earlier in the year, are becoming a more popular time to tie the knot. So, lets take a quick at why April and May are the perfect time to get married 

The Weather:

Let’s face it, spring weather can be spectacular and far more predictable than summer or winter. While neither too hot or too cold, especially in later spring, planning an outdoor event so much easier in April and May than in say June or July when temperature can soar, making it uncomfortable to really enjoy anything without air conditioning. Sure, you may have to make a contingency plan incase of rain, but a few tents and a patio will do the trick nicely.  

Foodie Dreams:

Even though we will be exploring this topic more in depth later this month, we have to mention how much wider and varied your menu can be during spring. Whether you want to mix and match some of the heavier options from winter with something lighter or just skip the heavy altogether, the amazing flavours available during these months are bound to make your taste buds sing. Add to that, all the fun and fruit cocktails you can offer guests, and it is practically guaranteed your menu will be a huge hit. 

More Bang For Your Buck:

Sure, we could have gone with fashion choices or colour schemes, and we definitely will later in the month. However, we wanted to make sure we touched very briefly on some of the other perks of getting married off season. One of the biggest draws about spring weddings is a wider variety of venues for your budget. With so many people clamouring for any and every available venue during the summer months, many of the popular venues are willing to negotiate on price to make sure they are booked for off seasons months. The same goes for entertainment and caterers too. So, if you have a smaller budget but still want a fancy wedding, having a spring wedding may be a great option. Plus, for any out of town guests, airline prices tend to be far more reasonable during this time of the year. 

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