Anniversary presents: the odd numbers

Anniversaries are important, especially when it comes to married couples. They are markers of the work and love two people put into their marriage and the dedication they have to making sure it works. While many people still celebrate the big ones, 5 10, 25, 50 with predetermined extravagant gifts, what about the smaller ones which seem to slip by unnoticed? Well, lets take a look at some of the traditional, and not so traditional, gifts for milestone years people often overlook.

Lucky Number 7: 

Sure, there may be the seven-year itch, but in many cultures around the world, 7 is an auspicious number. So, it makes sense that the traditional gift for this anniversary is either wool or copper. These two materials bring warmth and comfort, just like the couple should do for each other. So, to bring some of this toasty reassurance to your marriage why not wrap each other up in cozy woolen scarfs as you sip tea or coffee from lovely copper mugs?

Unlucky Number 13: 

On the opposite end of the luck spectrum is the number 13. Often considered to be the unluckiest numbers around, it even has its own phobia, triskaidekaphobia. Don’t let that scare you off celebrating this milestone anniversary with its traditional gift of lace. Meant to represent the beautiful and intricate life you and your partner have created together, this can be a great time to splurge for a lovely lace table runner or, for the slightly more romantic couple, some frilly lingerie. 

23, the mystery number:

Some people believe there is a mystical aspect to the number 23. Whether this is true or not is up to you. However, there is nothing uncertain about how lovely silver-plated gifts are and, lucky for you, silver-plate is the traditional thing to give your beloved long-term spouse. So, for this special anniversary why not get new picture frames for your wedding photos or a lovely commemorative plate with your wedding date engraved in it. 

42, The Meaning of Life, The Universe, and Everything:

Douglas Adams told us the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. We just had to come up with the question. Strangely, this ties into this wedding anniversary perfectly. There is no traditional present. However, in modern times, real estate is becoming increasingly popular to buy. Whether, it is a vacation home or even a fantastic once in a lifetime to your dream spot, this is your chance to go big or go home. 

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