Holiday Weddings

Summer has been the traditional wedding season for centuries but getting married during the holiday season definitely has its perks. In our more recent blogs we have gone over specifics of how to host a winter wedding, from keeping the wedding party warm, to how to plan the perfect winter menu, to how to keep guests toasty and happy. Now, let”s look at some of the other reasons why getting married during the holiday season is a good idea.

People Are Already Gathered:

One of the major bonuses of getting married during the Holiday Season is wedding fact so many families and friends are already together. Many people use their vacation days at work for the holidays, giving them more time with their families, especially those who live in other cities, states, or countries. So, by having your wedding close to the holidays, your guests might not have to take extra days off to attend your special day.

Romantic Decorations:

There is something naturally romantic about the holidays, especially if you live in a place where you have white winters. However, even without snow, holiday decorations can add a ton of romance to your wedding décor. Between the abundance of easy to find twinkling fairy lights and sparkling snow inspired decorations, along with gorgeous deep coloured flowers available in the winter months, you will be able to create a winter wonderland with ease. 

Deeper Flavours:

In a previous blog post we discussed how getting married in colder months offers a ton of great menu options for your reception, and it’s true. While the summer months offer a great selection of lighter fare, the holiday season can be a great time to spice up your menu. It is gives you the perfect opportunity for to show off your foodie side and wow your guests with variety of complex flavour combinations. 


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