A guide to engagement rings

While engagement rings have traditionally been given as a love token and to signify the upcoming marriage, diamonds have only become the industry standard within the last century. Thanks to a very successful marketing campaign by the De Beers company, diamonds overtook other gemstones as the symbol of everlasting love. However, more and more couples are breaking from this and choosing more unique and personal rings. planyourownwedding.org-rings


Sapphires have been experiencing a surge in popularity, thanks in part to Kate Middleton’s, which once belonged to Princess Diana, engagement ring of sapphire and diamonds. However, they have been a favorite since the time of ancient Persia, who believed the blue colour was due to it reflecting the sky. Thought to symbolize wisdom, good fortune, faithfulness, and sincerity, sapphires appeal to more grounded romantic couples. Plus, as one of the harder stones available, they don’t scratch easily, meaning they don’t need to be replaced often and will appeal to couples who like the idea of a stone as long lasting as their love. 


For couples who are even bolder, rubies may be just what they are looking for. The rich red of the stone is eye catching and a definite conversation piece. However, more than that, the stone itself is thought to represent eternity and strength, making it a perfect choice as a physical symbol of the promise they are making to each other, especially when paired with smaller diamonds which, of course, have come to embody love. 


As weddings become more personalized and unique, so do engagement rings. As a promise of the journey to come, more couples want rings which represent their individual love and the qualities their story embody. For some inspirations – why not check out our Pinterest board on unusual wedding and engagement rings?


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