Winter weddings: how to keep your guests warm

When planning a winter wedding, it isn’t enough to just think about what will keep you warm or to have a heartier menu. Making sure your guests have all they need to fight off a chill lets people know how happy you are they have chosen to join you on one of the most important days of your life. Here are some great and thoughtful ways to keep your dearest family and friends warm at your winter wedding. 

Welcome Drinks: 

One way to help people warm up, relax, and get ready to celebrate is to have warming welcoming drinks ready for everyone as they enter the venue. Having a selection of hot chocolate, spiced cider, and mulled wine is a great way to make sure there is something for everyone. If you want to make the drink extra special, why not have commemorative cups made for guests to take home with them as a party favour? 

Portable Heaters: 

If the venue is chilly, make sure there are heaters under each table. Warming the feet up is a great way to make sure the rest of the body is toasty too. You can also have larger space heaters in the corners. This will make sure your guests stay warm, while giving people enough room to mingle, dance, and have a good time. 

Fuzzy Throw Blankets: 

There is just something so snuggly and warming about wrapping up in a flannel throw. Place some blankets behind each chair for guests to use if they get cold. Just like the cups from the welcome drinks, you can monogram the blankets as a special keepsake from your wedding.  

Signature Cocktail: 

Last but not least, why not come up with a warm cocktail to serve your guests the commemorative cups from the welcome drink? This can be a lovely way to put a special twist on an old favourite, while helping to warm up guests from the inside. For an extra treat, give them the recipe so they can recreate the drink at home for winter gatherings of theirs. It is a lovely way to share your love with the world. 

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