A guide to engagement rings

While engagement rings have traditionally been given as a love token and to signify the upcoming marriage, diamonds have only become the industry standard within the last century. Thanks to a very successful marketing campaign by the De Beers company, diamonds overtook other gemstones as the symbol of everlasting love. However, more and more couples are breaking from this and choosing more unique and personal rings. planyourownwedding.org-rings


Sapphires have been experiencing a surge in popularity, thanks in part to Kate Middleton’s, which once belonged to Princess Diana, engagement ring of sapphire and diamonds. However, they have been a favorite since the time of ancient Persia, who believed the blue colour was due to it reflecting the sky. Thought to symbolize wisdom, good fortune, faithfulness, and sincerity, sapphires appeal to more grounded romantic couples. Plus, as one of the harder stones available, they don’t scratch easily, meaning they don’t need to be replaced often and will appeal to couples who like the idea of a stone as long lasting as their love. 


For couples who are even bolder, rubies may be just what they are looking for. The rich red of the stone is eye catching and a definite conversation piece. However, more than that, the stone itself is thought to represent eternity and strength, making it a perfect choice as a physical symbol of the promise they are making to each other, especially when paired with smaller diamonds which, of course, have come to embody love. 


As weddings become more personalized and unique, so do engagement rings. As a promise of the journey to come, more couples want rings which represent their individual love and the qualities their story embody. For some inspirations – why not check out our Pinterest board on unusual wedding and engagement rings?


Winter weddings: how to keep your guests warm

When planning a winter wedding, it isn’t enough to just think about what will keep you warm or to have a heartier menu. Making sure your guests have all they need to fight off a chill lets people know how happy you are they have chosen to join you on one of the most important days of your life. Here are some great and thoughtful ways to keep your dearest family and friends warm at your winter wedding. 

Welcome Drinks: 

One way to help people warm up, relax, and get ready to celebrate is to have warming welcoming drinks ready for everyone as they enter the venue. Having a selection of hot chocolate, spiced cider, and mulled wine is a great way to make sure there is something for everyone. If you want to make the drink extra special, why not have commemorative cups made for guests to take home with them as a party favour? 

Portable Heaters: 

If the venue is chilly, make sure there are heaters under each table. Warming the feet up is a great way to make sure the rest of the body is toasty too. You can also have larger space heaters in the corners. This will make sure your guests stay warm, while giving people enough room to mingle, dance, and have a good time. 

Fuzzy Throw Blankets: 

There is just something so snuggly and warming about wrapping up in a flannel throw. Place some blankets behind each chair for guests to use if they get cold. Just like the cups from the welcome drinks, you can monogram the blankets as a special keepsake from your wedding.  

Signature Cocktail: 

Last but not least, why not come up with a warm cocktail to serve your guests planyourownwedding.org-cocktailin the commemorative cups from the welcome drink? This can be a lovely way to put a special twist on an old favourite, while helping to warm up guests from the inside. For an extra treat, give them the recipe so they can recreate the drink at home for winter gatherings of theirs. It is a lovely way to share your love with the world. 

Winter weddings: The Menu

Winter weddings offer the chance to get a little bolder a little more daring in your menu choices. Colder weather means you can offer guests hearty meals with some spice and kick to them. It allows you to show off your inner foodie while warming people up from the inside out. So, let’s take a look at some great winter wedding food choices to help keep people toasty when it’s cold outside and knock their sock off with flavour. 

Soups Instead of Salads: 

Sure, salads may be what pops into most people’s minds when they thinkwww.planyourownwedding.org - winter menus about the first course at a wedding reception. However, soups can be a great way to start a meal and add a little extra warmth. While chicken noodle maybe the ultimate comfort food, why not wake up people’s appetite with something like pumpkin and ginger soup or a spicy fish soup?  However, if comfort food is the way you want to go, why not go super old school and try a classic tomato and basil soup with grilled cheese sliders? You can even add a little extra by using pepper jack cheese or something a little fancier like brie to really wow your guests and make it really your own. 

Classic Mains With A Twist: 

Instead of just the typical chicken or fish option, why not offer up something a little fancier like pheasant or venison? These gamey meats are slightly
heartier than your typical fare and can be spruced up with herbs like turmeric or cumin, which are known for their warming properties. For vegetarians, cheese stuffed ravioli is always a popular choice, or you could go really exotic and offer a vegetable curry or a mushroom risotto, which is oh so ala mode right now. Also, don’t be afraid to play with your sides too. Roasted root vegetables or mashed cauliflower can be fun options instead of steamed broccoli or spinach. 


Sometimes Smaller Is Better:  

As we have said before, sometimes small bites are a better and more cost-effective way to go than large sit-down meals. Plus, it gives you a chance to play with more flavours and have a wider variety of options for your non-meat-eating guests. Think Spanish style tapas, so your guests can pick and choose what they want to eat. You can even offer foods from around the globe, a little Mexican here, Asian fusion there, French finger foods over there. It is a wonderful way to show off your passion for international cuisine. 

Just like weddings in warmer months, besides making sure no guest leaves hungry, the point of choosing your menu is to have fun and create a memorable experience for your guests. Happy tastings!

Winter Weddings: What to Wear!

When thinking about winter fashion choices, people tend to think of heavy layers, lots of fake fur, velvets, and wool. However, that doesn’t have to be the case, especially when it comes to dressing wedding. Here are some helpful hints on how to keep warm while still having your dream dress. 

Bring out your inner princess with brocade:

A rather heavy and luxurious looking fabric, brocade can be lovely way to keep warm during a winter wedding. Consisting of patterns stitched into the fabric itself, it creates a visually interesting aesthetic and adds a little glamour to your dress. Since most people associate brocade with the renaissance and nobility, it can help bring a little sumptuousness to your look and make you feel like a princess. 

Go For High Glam In Silk Mikado:

Don’t let the name fool you, silk Mikado is another great choice for getting www.planyourownwedding.or-winterclothesmarried in winter. While typically silk is thought of as a light airy fabric, silk Mikado is heavier and far more structured, so it creates a little bit of weight and insulation against the cold. Plus, the sheen of the dress creates a definite old Hollywood feel, and ups the glam factor to any wedding. 

Think About Wraps and Shrugs: 

Just because temperatures are lower, doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream of a sleeveless or backless dress. Why not consider a lovely long-sleeved shrug during the ceremony and then go bared shouldered during the reception, where you have a little more say over how warm the room will be? Wraps can also be a classy way to keep bare skin warm, while not sacrificing your sense of style. 

Don’t Forget Your Bridesmaids: 

Remember, your dress is going to have way more fabric than the ladies you have chosen to stand up with you. So, make sure you keep them warm and toasty, so they aren’t shivering their way through the ceremony and reception. Their dresses should be made of heavier material too, have wraps and shrugs ready, and, if it matches your aesthetic, gloves, just incase their hands get cold.