Wedding hairstyles: Dos and Don’ts for your dream hair:

Last week we talked about makeup. This week we are looking at how to get the perfect hairstyle for your special day. While the same sort guidelines apply to both hair and makeup, there are some extra little dos and don’ts when it comes to getting your dream hairstyle.

Dress first, then hairstyle:

Maybe you have always dreamed about a classic chignon for your wedding day or longed for long gorgeous mermaid waves. However, don’t wear your hair a certain way just because that is how you always planned to. Necklines, silhouettes, and formality of your dress can sometimes be a complete opposite of your dream hairstyle. Long, flowy, strapless gowns are going to look odd with a fancy updo just like relaxed beach waves are going to seem out of place with a formal ball gown. 

Don’t forget the trial run

Just like your makeup, flying blind the day of your wedding isn’t ideal. You are to be nervous and excited, so making sure you know what hairstyle you are going with is one way to cut down on the anxiety all brides feel. Also, make sure you take photos of the style the day of the trial. This way you will know how it looks in photos and can make comments and ask for changes you want.  

Listen to the stylist: 

They are the professional and understand what your hair can and cannot do. They will know what styling products to use, how to incorporate the accessories you have chosen, and how to make sure your hair is picture perfect all day long. That said, don’t let them talk you into a style you aren’t comfortable with. Communication is key to getting a hairstyle which will work for you, but that you love and will be timeless. 

When to go bold: 

Most wedding advice sites will tell you to stick to simple or classic dos for your wedding and not make any drastic changes to the colour or basic style of your hair right before your wedding. While this is good advice, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a highly stylized look on your wedding day. Sometimes bold statement hair is the way to go. If you are a fashion forward bride, who isn’t afraid to make a bold statement, go ahead and have a style which is as fabulous and daring as you are. This is especially true if you are having a super formal or themed wedding, which can sometimes call for hair which is a little more standout than usual. Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner fashionista if that is who you are. 

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