Tips on How to Give a Great Wedding Speech:

Writing and delivering a speech can be difficult under the best of circumstances. However, making sure you create a moving tribute to the love at a loved one’s wedding can make the task seem almost impossible. We have come up some helpful hints to make sure you give an impactful and memorable speech. 

Have a Plan:

While you may think you can just get up and talk, it is actually almost impossible to do that without it coming across as rambling. You don’t have to write the whole thing out (although we do suggest this), you should have at least some notes on what you want to say and maybe a famous quote or two about the power of love. Not only does it help you focus in on the aspects of what makes the couple’s love special, it also lets them know you love them enough to prepare a little. 

Know Your Audience:

Odds are more than likely you have helped with the wedding preparations in some way. Maybe you helped address envelopes or were at some pre-wedding function. So, you should have a good idea of the guest list and if you need to keep it kid (and grandparent) friendly or if some slightly more adult humor is ok. In general, however, try to keep the raunchier jokes and stories for the hen and stag parties. There are just some stories Aunt Jeanie doesn’t need to hear. 

Keep It Short:

Most wedding speeches come between courses at the reception. So, while a 30 second speech is too short, 5 minutes or less is the perfect amount of time. This gives you time to tell some sweet story you have about when you knew the couple was meant to be, talk about how much you love them both and the power of their love, without keeping the catering staff (and other guests) waiting for the next course to be served. Plus, it will keep the background chatter down if you don’t go on for 20 minutes. 


Remember, as much as you may want to share personal stories about how you met the bride in high school in detention or the time you and the groom went to Cabo on spring break and got hammered, don’t. This speech isn’t about you and your relationship with either the bride or groom. It is about them. It is about celebrating their love. So, by all means, mention how you have known whomever you are standing up with forever and how much you love that person, just make sure the toast is about the love the couple has for each other and how you wish them a long and happy life together.  Also, be sure to speak from the heart and don’t try to get too funny or sentimental.  Sincerity is way better than sentimentality. 

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