An Autumn Wedding

While summer may be the most popular season to get married in, we personally think Autumn is the unsung hero when if comes to wedding seasons. Between the countless themes, amazing colour choices, better chances you will get the venue you want, plus, and let’s be honest here, much more tolerable weather, autumn can be a way better choice for everyone involved. So, let’s dive in and take a look at all the ways Autumn weddings are the best!

The Weather:

As the temperature drops a little during September and beyond, it opens up a whole realm of possibilities when it comes clothing options. Sure, there is a little higher chance of rain. However, there is also far less of a chance of heat stroke too. This means strapless dresses with fun shrugs for the wedding party are totally acceptable and you don’t have to worry about your favourite ladies overheating. And let’s not forget about what it means for choosing your dress. You can still go with lovely airy summery fabrics or start moving into lush gorgeous satins. It is really the best of everything without having to sacrifice comfort. Your guests will thank you too. If it is an outdoor wedding, they won’t be wilting in the summer heat. 

Themes Beyond Halloween:

Naturally, Halloween themed weddings pop into everyone’s mind when you mention you are getting married in Oct. And as much fun as those can be, there are so many other themes to choose from and make your wedding a one of a kind event. Why not embrace the nostalgia of years past and create a harvest themed wedding? You can use local produce and staples from around the world for your center pieces. Cornucopias filled with bright pumpkins, changing leaves, and tons of other typically autumn produce can create a truly unique esthetic for your wedding décor. 

All The Pretty Colours:

Don’t get us wrong, pastels can be beautiful. However, there is something planyourownwedding.org_autumnweddingabout the lush and majestic hues of autumn which adds a certain elegance to any wedding. Whether it is chocolate brown, eggplant, or burgundy, the autumn’s colour palette just seems to a little more sophisticated. Maybe it has to do with their association with nobility throughout history? Maybe it is just because they tend to be complimentary to almost any skin tone? You really can’t go wrong when picking wedding colours from the autumn spectrum. 

The Little Odds and Ends:

Some of the other perks to waiting a season to get married is all of the small things. You aren’t having to compete with tons of other couples. Wedding venues tend to be more available, their prices a little less, and more willing to work with couples to make it happen. There is also an entire flavor palette available of hearty foods, spicier dishes, and tastier cocktails to add that little extra thing to your special day. What’s not to love about autumn weddings?

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