This weeks blog: Where To Seat Guests?

Trying to figure out where seat guests at your reception can be a stressful task. Sure, most of your guests will know each other but what about those friends from college you haven’t seen in a while or family members you are close who live four states over? Where do you seat them? Well don’t worry. We have some helpful hints to help you and make sure everyone is happy. 

Start With Family: 

Even if your parents are going to sit with you at the head table, your grandparents and extended family need a place to sit. While it is totally ok to seat your cool, hip graphic designer cousin with other young professionals they are bound to click with, try to keep grandma and grandpa with people they know or with your partner’s family of a similar age. This will make them feel more comfortable and will allow them to relax and have fun too.

Don’t Mix and Match Politics: 

Nobody wants a political yelling match at their wedding and most of us know a handful of people whose political ideologies differ from the rest of your friends and family. The best way to keep things civil is to seat people with similar political beliefs together. 

The Table 19 Fable: 

There is an old adage about table 19 being reserved for the people you never seating_by_Jane_Morrowthought would RSVP and you don’t really want at your wedding. Instead of feeding into this, make sure you only invite people you really want at your wedding. Sure, your second cousin or mailman may be disappointed to not get an invitation, but it is better to explain you could invite everyone you wanted to than having a negative wedding stereo-type at your wedding. 

Open Seating: 

You could simply do away with the seating plan all together. These are all people who love you and ant to share in your special day. That should be enough to help everyone bond and have some great conversations over dinner. They can share their favourite stories about you and how you met, and maybe even meet a new friend they never would have with an overly planned seating plan. 

One Last Note: 

Remember, it is your wedding and it should be a fun and light day. So, don’t worry too much about where people are going to sit. Simply enjoy getting the RSVPS and be thankful for how many people want to watch as you and your partner express your love for one another. That is really what the day is all about. 

(Photo by Jane Morrow)

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