An Autumn Wedding

While summer may be the most popular season to get married in, we personally think Autumn is the unsung hero when if comes to wedding seasons. Between the countless themes, amazing colour choices, better chances you will get the venue you want, plus, and let’s be honest here, much more tolerable weather, autumn can be a way better choice for everyone involved. So, let’s dive in and take a look at all the ways Autumn weddings are the best!

The Weather:

As the temperature drops a little during September and beyond, it opens up a whole realm of possibilities when it comes clothing options. Sure, there is a little higher chance of rain. However, there is also far less of a chance of heat stroke too. This means strapless dresses with fun shrugs for the wedding party are totally acceptable and you don’t have to worry about your favourite ladies overheating. And let’s not forget about what it means for choosing your dress. You can still go with lovely airy summery fabrics or start moving into lush gorgeous satins. It is really the best of everything without having to sacrifice comfort. Your guests will thank you too. If it is an outdoor wedding, they won’t be wilting in the summer heat. 

Themes Beyond Halloween:

Naturally, Halloween themed weddings pop into everyone’s mind when you mention you are getting married in Oct. And as much fun as those can be, there are so many other themes to choose from and make your wedding a one of a kind event. Why not embrace the nostalgia of years past and create a harvest themed wedding? You can use local produce and staples from around the world for your center pieces. Cornucopias filled with bright pumpkins, changing leaves, and tons of other typically autumn produce can create a truly unique esthetic for your wedding décor. 

All The Pretty Colours:

Don’t get us wrong, pastels can be beautiful. However, there is something planyourownwedding.org_autumnweddingabout the lush and majestic hues of autumn which adds a certain elegance to any wedding. Whether it is chocolate brown, eggplant, or burgundy, the autumn’s colour palette just seems to a little more sophisticated. Maybe it has to do with their association with nobility throughout history? Maybe it is just because they tend to be complimentary to almost any skin tone? You really can’t go wrong when picking wedding colours from the autumn spectrum. 

The Little Odds and Ends:

Some of the other perks to waiting a season to get married is all of the small things. You aren’t having to compete with tons of other couples. Wedding venues tend to be more available, their prices a little less, and more willing to work with couples to make it happen. There is also an entire flavor palette available of hearty foods, spicier dishes, and tastier cocktails to add that little extra thing to your special day. What’s not to love about autumn weddings?

Our blog this week: How To Dress Your Bridal Party!

With so many jokes about ugly bridesmaids’ dresses out there, it is amazing anyone agrees to be a part of the bridal party. While these jokes are based more on a select few choices from over the years, they seem to be one of the most enduring myths of being a part of being a bridesmaid. To combat this, we have been paying attention to the various fashion weeks offer suggestions on how to pick dresses which are bound to be flattering for every shape and size, while hopefully stilling being fashionable enough to wear again. So, lets dive in.

Bright Bold Colours:

It seems the colours for this up coming season are bright and bold, with reds, lush greens, deep blues, and strangely, electric neons taking center stage at many of the runway shows at the last few fashion weeks. This mean, with the exception of the neon, if you stick with the jewel tone versions of the other colours each member of your party is going to look great in them. Part of the reason why these hues are such staples of so many seasons and collections is that they tend to look good on nearly everyone. So, dare to pick deep a garnet red and pair with a lush sapphire blue. Not only will the combination be striking for decorations, each of your bridesmaids are bound to look stunning in your choice. 

Vintage Elegance: 

This season’s silhouette is more than a mod to the elegance of the 1950s and 1960s. Just like the brighter and bolder colour palette, working with the lines and shapes of these dresses are extremely flattering for most body shapes, especially if you chose a cinched waist with an a-line skirt. Part of why this works on so many body types is that if gives the illusion of that oh so desired hour glass figure. It also helps balance the body out, making the entire body look more proportional. A-line skirts also do the same thing. Since they skim and float away from the body, they cover “problem” areas and create the illusion of a balanced frame. 

Letting Them Choose: 

However, the best way to make sure everyone in your bridal party gets a dress they feel amazing in, is to simply tell them your colour and theme choices and let them choose their own dress. This is actually becoming increasingly popular. People know what works on their bodies and letting your bridesmaids pick out their own dress means they will be more comfortable, which will make everyone happier. Because lets face it, no one has the exact same body shape, so why not let the women you love the most pick something they will feel stunning in?

Wedding Favours

With how busy you are going to be on your big day, you might not have the chance to thank everyone for coming face to face. Wedding favours can be a great way to do just that, while also offering your guests a special keepsake. However, did you know these cute trinkets weren’t always given? Let’s take a look at the history of wedding favours and how they differ around the world. 

Renaissance England, France, and Italy: 

The first mention of wedding favours is in England during the 16th century. While they were little more than love knots, made from lace and ribbon. These were handed out to guests as a way to not just symbolize the everlasting love of the wedding couple, but also to bring love to the guests as well. The French and Italians gave their guests ornate boxes full of candies or little commemorative trinkets, which they call bonbonnieres. Even though they were originally handed out at any party, they soon because primarily wedding only gifts. 

Jordan Almonds: 

By The Victorian Era, Jordan almonds, or any other sort of sweet treat, planyourownwedding.org_favourswrapped in a decorative cloth became the vogue thing to give out. Consisting of five pieces of the goodies, it was said to represent the five wishes most guests wished to bestow on the couple: wealth, health, longevity, fertility, and happiness. These little packets of treats were a way for the couple to send that wish back to their guests. 

Personalized Mementos: 

While you still may get Jordan almonds, more and more couples are moving toward personalized wedding favours. Some of the most popular gifts are engraved glasses, little boxes with self-care products, or even flipflops for guests to slip into at the end of the night after dancing for hours. This is especially true in America, where the trend of super personalized gifts seems to be the way most couples go. 

Gifts From Around the World: 

However, some couples have not given up on their country’s traditional wedding presents. If you are going to an Italian wedding you still may receive a bonbonniere, full of lovely chocolates and a fantastic keepsake box. In Russia, you will probably get candles and a picture frame. Where as in Ireland, wedding bells are common to receive. And in India, wedding guests can expect to get a small hand-crafted elephant memento.

So even if it is an old school love knot, something personal, or a nod to your cultural heritage, it is sure to be a special treasure for your guests to remember the day you and your partner vowed to love each other forever. 

This weeks blog: Where To Seat Guests?

Trying to figure out where seat guests at your reception can be a stressful task. Sure, most of your guests will know each other but what about those friends from college you haven’t seen in a while or family members you are close who live four states over? Where do you seat them? Well don’t worry. We have some helpful hints to help you and make sure everyone is happy. 

Start With Family: 

Even if your parents are going to sit with you at the head table, your grandparents and extended family need a place to sit. While it is totally ok to seat your cool, hip graphic designer cousin with other young professionals they are bound to click with, try to keep grandma and grandpa with people they know or with your partner’s family of a similar age. This will make them feel more comfortable and will allow them to relax and have fun too.

Don’t Mix and Match Politics: 

Nobody wants a political yelling match at their wedding and most of us know a handful of people whose political ideologies differ from the rest of your friends and family. The best way to keep things civil is to seat people with similar political beliefs together. 

The Table 19 Fable: 

There is an old adage about table 19 being reserved for the people you never seating_by_Jane_Morrowthought would RSVP and you don’t really want at your wedding. Instead of feeding into this, make sure you only invite people you really want at your wedding. Sure, your second cousin or mailman may be disappointed to not get an invitation, but it is better to explain you could invite everyone you wanted to than having a negative wedding stereo-type at your wedding. 

Open Seating: 

You could simply do away with the seating plan all together. These are all people who love you and ant to share in your special day. That should be enough to help everyone bond and have some great conversations over dinner. They can share their favourite stories about you and how you met, and maybe even meet a new friend they never would have with an overly planned seating plan. 

One Last Note: 

Remember, it is your wedding and it should be a fun and light day. So, don’t worry too much about where people are going to sit. Simply enjoy getting the RSVPS and be thankful for how many people want to watch as you and your partner express your love for one another. That is really what the day is all about. 

(Photo by Jane Morrow)