Food And Wine: The Second Most Important Couple at Your Wedding.

Next to the beauty of the ceremony and how gorgeous the bride looked, the thing most people will remember and talk about at any wedding is the food and wine. It is really one of the highlights of the reception and most people feel a ton of pressure to get it right when planning their wedding. Although it may seem intimidating at first, it is quite simple. 

How to pick the perfect wines to go with your carefully chosen menu.

 It is more than likely you have heard the saying, “red meat, red wine. White meat, white wine”. While that is a good rule of thumb, it turns out it isn’t exactly right. There are certain bold whites which work well with red meat and sweeter reds which make chicken dishes shines. It turns out there are six basic flavours to know about when it comes to wine and what to pair them with. They are fats, acid, bitter, sweet, salt, and alcohol. Each adds its own special je ne sais qua to any meal. So, let’s take a look at which pairings work best together and which to avoid. 

Bitter and fats:

If you are serving a super fatty dish like steak or, say, a lamb stew, a nice, deep Malbec would pair perfectly with it. Not only does the fat from the food cut the bitterness of the wine a little, the wine will balance the fat of the dish out, so you experience some of the subtler flavours from both. 

However, stay away from pairing bitter wine with bitter foods. Anything flavoured with citrus will do nothing for the wine. Better go with a slightly sweeter wine or something acidic. 


Speaking of acid, acid pairs well with acid. If you have your heart set on your favourite vinaigrette dressing for the salad, best to pair it with what people in the know refer to as a crisp white wine. The acidity in each seems to help balance each other out, creating an enjoyable tartness. 

Acid also works well with high fatty dishes, for a lot of the reasons bitter and fats work well together. 

Sweet and Salty:

Yes, we are putting these two together, because who doesn’t love the complex palate of sweet and salty. It is what makes sea salt caramel so tasty or why chocolate covered peanuts are still such a hit. They just seem to bring out the best in each other. So, if you are having a cheese course, why not think about offering nice desert wine? Yum. 

And of course, sweet and sweet work well on every level. So when the cake comes out, make sure you have a tasty dessert wine on hand. 


You are probably thinking to yourself, “but wait, doesn’t all wine have alcohol in it?” and while that is very true, some contain more than others. Wines with higher alcohol contents are great for fatty meals you want people to slow down and really enjoy. So, if you are serving fillet mignon, think about pairing with something upward of 15% alcohol content. The tartness of the alcohol will highlight the cut of meat while encouraging people to take their time and taking pleasure in the food. 

One Last Thing:

Don’t forget to take the “weight” of the wine into account too. Full bodied wines tend not to pair well with light food and vice versa. So, pairing a full-bodied red with a veggie quiche just isn’t going to work just like a super light desert white wine isn’t going to work with pepper steak. 

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A little more about us…

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Business or Customer Focus?

As she and her content producer researched other wedding planning sites, one of the things they noticed was how often these sites seemed to be more about promoting vendors than helping couples to really get a grasp all the different aspects of planning a wedding. It really seemed that most of these sites were more interested in highlighting businesses who paid for advertising than imparting wisdom on how to plan the perfect day. So, one of the goals Beatrice aimed for was to offer unbiased information and a solid foundation on how to plan a wedding. She really wanted to make sure people were getting the best wedding planning advice available and wouldn’t feel pressured to use a business they weren’t sure of.

A Road Map For Wedding Planning

Once the focus became solely on the couple, the course seemed to fall easily into place. Beatrice came up with a handy timeline which could be used by couples all over the world, whether or not they were from the same place or an international couple. Starting with the necessary paperwork and some basic administration stuff, the course offers a handy road map on everything from when to send invitation to asking friends and family to be part of the wedding party to when to have tasting of cakes, caterers, and wines.

A Few Bumps In The Road

Like most new sites, there have been a few bumps in the road. With so many exciting ideas and information waiting to be shared trying to figure out which direction to take social media being one of the biggest bumps. So, over the last few weeks, the content team has been coming up with a plan to use Plan Your Own Wedding’s various social media channels and blogging schedule to enhance and expand on the information available in the course. This is to make sure people who sign up for the course has the best, most comprehensive, and up to date wedding planning tools available.

The Bottom Line

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Themed Weddings

themed weddings

When it comes to weddings, classic weddings are still the most common way to exchange vows. However, in recent years, themed weddings have been gaining in popularity. More and more, couples seem to enjoy incorporating things which brought them together into the ceremony and reception. From medieval romance to 1920s decadence to your pop culture obsessions, here is a way to narrow down all the choices and figure out ways to weave a theme wedding day to make it as unique and interesting as your love.

Shared Interests

There are probably a lot of different things which brought you together: your mutual love of chocolate, the fact you both can’t imagine the idea of functioning without coffee, your fascination with the 1920s, or that you are both Marvel people to your core. So, if having a theme wedding is how you dream of exchange your vows, choosing one or, if you want to make it really fun and a little whimsical, two of your interests to focus on is the first thing you need to do. Make a list of things you would like to use as a theme for your wedding to help you organize your thoughts and narrow the choices down.

There are several ways you can come to a decision on which theme to go with. The first is obviously how easily you can incorporate elements of your theme into the wedding, and for everyone this is different. If it is going to require you and your partner to make a ton of decorations and you both work 40+ hrs a week, that may not be the best choice, unless you have friends and family willing to help out. Another is how appropriate it is for celebrating love. While you both may be obsessed with the Jack the Ripper case, this does not strike the most romantic note.

It’s all about the details

cowboy inspired wedding

Once you have agreed on a theme, you need to decide if it is only going to be little nods here and there or if it is going to be present in everything from decorations to the wedding party’s clothes to even the guests dressing up. One of the most important things to remember, when having a full-on theme wedding, including asking for people to come in costume, is the financial requirements which go along with that. Sometimes getting an entire costume together for a one-time event isn’t in the cards for everyone. A classy way to get around this is to add “costumes are welcome” to the invite. It lets people know they can join in the costumed fun but are not required to do so.

Finally, don’t forget the fun stuff. Part of having a themed wedding means special touches which can be added. Have the bartender come up with a cocktail inspired by your theme, pick out mementos for the guests which break from the traditional Jordan almonds and reflect the theme, and say thank you to your wedding party with personalized gifts with the theme in mind.

Themed weddings can be a fun way to liven up your nuptial and show your guests some of the reasons you fell in love. So have fun with it and make it an day to remember.