Inspirational Royal Wedding Gowns

Today, wedding gowns tend to be gorgeous white dresses of lavish materials with ornate details. They can cost upwards of 25,000$ with the average cost being somewhere around 3,000$. However, this was not always the case. For most of Western wedding history, women simply wore the best dress they had or, if they were wealthy, they would have a new dress made, which would then become the dress worn for special occasions. However, in 1840, with the wedding of a Young Queen Victoria to Prince Albert, wedding fashions changed forever. 

What made Victoria’s dress so special was that it was an elaborate white dress. At the time, pure white fabric was hard to create, as they didn’t have ready access to many of the modern tools we have today. It was also hard to clean. So, the idea of creating a dress which was only to be worn once was considered quite the luxury. However, this is what young fashionable women wanted to do after hearing about Victoria’s dress. Soon, women of all social classes began to wear white or off-white dresses on their wedding day.

Victoria, as it turns out was hardly the last royal woman to set bridal fashion. Just over a century later, Grace Kelly would also set a new standard for how brides would dress on their wedding day. After the financial hardships of the Great Depression and then the rationing of WWII, the late 1940’s and 1950’s allowed bride’s to really indulge in the fairy tale aspect of weddings and Grace Kelly was the perfect example of this. With yards of silk and lace, embellished with tiny pearls and one of the most iconic veils is fashion history, it is a masterpiece of understated elegance, while embracing the fairy-princess aspect of her love story. When she married Prince Rainier of Monaco, she became a real-life princess and her wedding dress reflected this and became one of the most frequently imitated wedding dresses of all time. 

In fact, the most recent, and possibly most notable, dress to emulate Grace Kelly’s dress was Kate Middleton. While Kate’s dress was considerably less ornate than Grace’s was, it is easy to see where the future Queen of England borrowed from the famous princess. Both dresses consist of several parts, mainly a plain ball gown type skirt paired with a gorgeous, open high-necked lace bodice. These dresses are timeless. 

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Artist Batya van Brakel on the power of colour

Colour is very important and can add so much to your life. If you look at which colours people usually wear, you can learn a lot about who they are. It also helps every day because colours can be healing, mood altering, and have a meaning.

Our body is built around energy points. These energy points are called Chakras and each have a specific colour. By wearing or decorating with these colours, you can embrace the qualities these colours possess. 


It all starts with Red, Red implicates a new beginning. Red is the colour of the God Aries. Aries’ time is springtime, which is why red implicates rebirth.


Then there is Orange,

Orange represents building, materializing, growing, abundance. It’s the colour of the God Zeus/Jupiter, the most important of the gods in Greek and Roman mythology. He loved life, food, drink, sex and possession. That’s why orange signifies growth, happiness and  progress. 


Yellow is the colour of the plexis solaris and ruled by Apollo.  It resides at the center of your body. Yellow knows how to shine. 


Pink is the colour of the heart. It’s the colour of Aphrodite/Venus, Goddess of love. Everything sweet, soft, loveable, girly, harmonious, gentle. It shows the love you possess. 


Green is also the colour of your heart and also the colour of Venus/Aphrodite. It’s a healing colour. It helps you to listen to your heart. To regain energy, enabling the ability to love again. 


Turquoise is the colour of creativity. It belongs to the God Neptune/Poseidon, God of the sea. Turquoise embraces creativity, fantasy, and encouraging talents, thus making the impossible possible.


Lilac is the colour of the God Poseidon/Neptune as well. It is the colour of intuition and helps you listen to your inner self and embrace your subconscious thoughts. 


Blue is the colour of communication, maybe the most important colour of all. With open and honest communication, relationships are easier and healthier. If you communicate with feeling and emotion, the world belongs to you.


Purple is the colour of spirituality, new ideas, and brain waves. It’s the Colour of the God Uranus, the god of Lightning. Purple picks up on all the thoughts and ideas floating around. 


Copper is the colour of Hermes/Mercurius, the messenger between the Gods and humans. It is the messenger between your head and your heart, helping the two communicate easily. It acts like a conductor between emotion and logic. 


Silver is the colour of the Moon and the Goddess Selene/Diana and Artemis . The Moon stands for emotion, female intuition, romance and magic. The delicate light of the moon makes us wonder, what did I see, did I see something or was it in the shadows or a fairy tale like light of the Moon?


Finally, we come to gold, the highest colour of all. Bright and shining, it stands for action and boldness. It says, “Here I am, center of the Universe”.

Choosing colours for your wedding can not only be fun, but also a great way to communicate the aspects you want to bring to your marriage. 

Have fun!


About the blogger: Batya van Brakel is a renowned artist who has held expositions in The Netherlands, France and Italy. Here is what she says about her work: ” Everything in the world is drenched in colour. The light which enables us to see and live our lives comprises every possible colour in the world. These colours provide us with a good balance for our body and spirit, making life so much harmonious. When everybody and everything is in harmony, life feels happy and more optimistic, making the world immediately a brighter place. Which is why I create meditative colour art. “To find out more about Batya’s art:

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