June – the favourite wedding month! Here is why:

June marks the beginning of the wedding season, due mainly to its popularity to exchange wedding vows. This late spring, early summer month tends to boast some of the best weather, so,  it makes sense to set your wedding date sometime in June. However, why exactly did the sixth month become the world’s most popular to get married in? Like most traditions surrounding life’s celebration, it started with superstition and the hope for a long, happy marriage. 

It’s In The Name:

June was named after the Roman Goddess, Juno. She was the protector of women, especially when it came to marriage and childbearing. So, in a time when marriages were arranged and giving birth was extremely dangerous, it made sense to get married under the protection of the goddess who would bring luck to both your wedding and any future children. By celebrating a wedding in June, the Romans believed they were paying homage to Juno, who would then grant good fortune to the couple. 

Good Weather and a Bath:

Even as Christianity grew in popularity, June remained the most common month to get married. With good weather, longer days, and a break between planting and harvesting, a June wedding seemed the perfect time to relax, celebrate, and have more hands to help with gathering of crops. Plus, any pregnancies starting in June wouldn’t get in the way of the harvest. 

Strangely, it is also believed in medieval times, May and June is when people took their first baths of the year. So, a June wedding meant the couple still smelled fairly fresh. 

Daring To Be Different:

For most couples in the modern world, bathing times and harvests aren’t something they have to worry about. Yet, June still remains the most popular month to get married. However, there are some really great perks if you are willing to buck tradition and plan an off-season wedding. 

Not only will you have a wider variety of venues to choose from, since there tend to be fewer weddings in the off season, they will also be at a fraction of the price. This means you can have a fantastic location and not break the bank. Also, most vendors’ prices will also be lower. So, creating your dream wedding, in say October or April, will be far more budget friendly.

It also means your guests will have fewer wedding invitations to pick from. And who doesn’t want their nearest and dearest to help them celebrate one of the most important days of their life? 

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