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Finding the right wedding planner to organize your wedding is no easy feat. However, your search will be worthwhile when you see the wedding of your dreams coming together. Here are some tips that will come in handy when choosing a wedding planner:

Do Your Homework

You should look at the websites of a few planners to narrow down your list. Look at elements such as color and lighting to see whether the different weddings share a common style. If you like the overarching style, you should choose that planner.

If the weddings that you are looking at have an over-the-top look and you want a simple ceremony, you should consider looking elsewhere. You should also find information about the type of planning services the planner offers.

Follow up Your Favorites

Once you narrow down your list to several planners, you should call them. During your conversation, you should ask their price range, cost of their average weddings, and wedding date availability. If the answers to these questions fit your vision and budget, you should go to the next level and plan a meeting.

Prepare Your First Meeting

You should bring magazines, photos, and Pinterest picks and show her what you want. For instance, if you want to choose one of the hot wedding colors for 2018, you should let the wedding planner know. At the meeting, you should ask as many questions as you want without fear of offending the person. After all, it is your wedding and you are paying for it.

You should also get a sense of the person to see whether you can work with her in the long term. Make sure that you voice your ideas about style and color to see how the person responds then ask how the planner intends to fulfill your vision. The right person for the job will listen to your ideas instead of shutting them down.

Call the References

You should not feel pressured to hire a wedding planner no matter how much you like her. Make sure that you take your time to call their references and ask the following the questions:
– How well did the planner interpret your ideas?
– How did she stick to your budget?
– Can you email pictures from your wedding? This is the best way to confirm the professionalism and consistency of a planner. Do not just rely on the portfolio because it is full of the planner’s best work.

– Did the planner have good vendor recommendations and does she coordinate with them?
– Did any problem occur and how did the planner deal with it?
– Did the planner respond to your emails and calls in a timely manner?
– Did the wedding go smoothly and meet your expectations?

Seal the Deal

You should take your time when comparing notes and prices to see which planner meets your overall needs. Once you find a planner who meets your needs, you should tell her of your desire to work with her. Make sure that you let the planner know early enough before she gets another client.

As soon as you sign the contract, you will have to pay the deposit then you will have a helper to plan your wedding. You can now start planning the wedding with your planner instead of leaving all the work to her. If you let her do all the work, you might not like the result.

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