Why we are not super active on Social Media

I know Social Media is an important way to stay in touch and connect. But after the recent scandal involving Facebook and data theft I just do not feel comfortable about using it as a business and unknowingly and unwillingly perhaps exposing you to something equally disturbing. Data of 87 million users was acquired. 87 million. That is equal to the entire population of Europe’s biggest country: Germany. And we are only speaking of ONE app and ONE company. Where does it end?

So I have decided to take steps because one of the many things we care about at Plan Your Own Wedding is making sure all of your information is safe and secure. This is why, despite helping couples all over the world to plan their perfect wedding, we have chosen to have our email hosting servers located in Europe where privacy laws are much stricter. What this means is your private information is only used to keep you updated on new blog posts, when we publish new course materials, and any other wedding-based information we have published around the web. It also means we can never, and will never, give or sell your info to third party vendors. This is also why we have a minimal presence on social media, to make sure your details stay as secure as we can make it.
Our goal is to help you plan your wedding as stress free as possible. What we don’t want is you having to worry about whether or not your data is secure or if you are going to be bombarded with tons of emails from vendors you didn’t sign up for. So, sit back, relax, and know that your information is safe with us.


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